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Final Project hours 1-12

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John Blatter




John Blatter works with video, sound, imagery and instillations in the nontraditional sence. He experiments with the ideas of image overload, “There has become such media sensory overload, that I have begun to wonder if this virtual world has desensitized us for what is actually real.” His more recent works (links above) include an instillation of speakers all playing different narrated stories of emotional experiences. His billboards are fake advertisements alsong with his infomercials. His work is extremely innovative and nontradtional. His instillation billboards are over highways and in high places.  He is currently working as both Associate Professor in the Time Studio at Virginia Commonwealth University, and as Production Assistant in Performing Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

I enjoyed looking at Blatters work. He plays with the ideas of consumerism and the way we see ads. He also works in a vast varity of mediums. There is also another John Blatter who works in commercial realestate which is sort of confusing!

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Stephen Vitiello- Extra Credit



Stephen Vitello was originally a punk guitarist he was influenced by video artist Nam June Paik!  In 1999 Vitello was a resident artist of the World Trade Center. He recorded sounds from the 91st floor using home-built contact microphones for his pieces. In his iconic piece A Bell For Every Minute he recorded famous bells from the New York Stock Exchange, the UN peace bell and others. “During park hours an individual bell will ring each minute from speakers placed throughout the tunnel space where it will be installed, the overtones fading out as the next bell begins. A chorus of the selected bells will play at the top of each hour, filling the space. The sounds will be represented on a physical sound map that identifies the location of each bell, allowing the listener to follow the geographic journey of the recordings” (http://www.thehighline.org/about/public-art/vitiello). Now he is a  Kinetic Imaging associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia. Vitello’s sound recordings often capture natural environmental phenomenon. In his instillations he often uses space as an integral parameter.

I really enjoy Vitello’s work. His recordings are soothing and sound natural. It is pretty funny that he was inspired by Nam June Paik, our previous artist and that he is a professor in my hometown of Richmond. I also think it is very interesting that the world trade center was a location of his work, which provides historical reference. He also documents his instilations and locations on his website. ( http://www.stephenvitiello.com/?page_id=37&album=2&gallery=3)

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Nam June Paik

Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii 1995-96. It is exhibited at the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Nam June Paik is a Korean artist credited as the first “video artist.” He is considered a global artist, he has impacted the use of video in artwork in Europe and through Asia. Paik participated in the “Neo-Dada art movement, known as Fluxus, which was inspired by the composer John Cage and his use of everyday sounds and noises in his music.” Most of Paik’s work is centered around cultural criticism, namely his piece Electronic Superhighway. Nam June Paik passed away at his Miami home at 7:00pm on Sunday, January 29th, 2006.
I really like Paik’s work. I have been fortunate enough to see Electronic Superhighway in Washington DC numerous times. The work is gigantic and features hundreds of video screeens showing images of how he would describe each state. His work comments on our obsession with moving images and our image overload. I think it is very interesting how he incorporates many cultural elements from Korea in his work as well.

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Pipolotti Rist

pipilotti ristpippilotti rist pants

Pipolotti Rist works with sentual imagery that looks dream like. The swiss artist often uses undergarments in her work saying in an interview that, “this part of the body is very sacred, the site of our entrance into the world, the centre of sexual pleasure and the location of the exits of the body’s garbage.” Rist tries to be provocative as well as use color. “Rist’s work is visceral, earthy, sexy, full of life.” At first glance her work looks fun and playful but she also incorporates danger, anxiety and underlying imagery.

I enjoyed Rist’s work. She contrasts the body with its traditional role in art. Her work toes the line between whimsy and seriousness due to her underlying message. I think this is a great acomplishment that not many artists are able o do in their work. Im sure Claire will like her work as well. Rist has presented her work internationally and recieved numerous awards.

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Final Project Proposal

For my final project I was inspired by my Visual Rhetoric class. We are working on our final presentations, a ten minute analysis of a commercial including its importance. The commercial I chose to work on it called “halftime in America.” It was played during the super bowl, and discusses the auto bailouts and the underdog comeback of Detroit’s auto industry. The audience for this commercial is so large that the directors decided to include some silhouette imagery in order to make people feel that they are there as well. It is much easier to relate to a silhouetted figure because the hair color, eye color and clothing are for the most part not visible. You only see the outline of the person and the similarities you have with that ideas of unknown.

I want to capitalize on the idea of identifying with silhouettes because of their similarities to you. I plan to do a few small pieces incorporating silhouettes and other imagery to describe the person, object or senario. I plan to displa all of these pieces together is a set.

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Animated gif

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Paul Pfeiffer



Paul Pfeiffer uses photography as well as found video imagery in his pieces. Pfeiffer grew up in the Philipenes and is often featured in his work. “Pfeiffer makes a show of removing his subjectivity while investing himself intensely in his work: It can take him four months to produce a scant two minutes of video.” Pfeiffer uses computer technologies to “dissect the role that mass media plays in shaping consciousness.” Most of his work centers around professional sporting events. Hes hifts his focus from fans to celebrity obsessions. He covers all aspects of the mass media culture. Many of Pfeiffer’s pieces “invite viewers to exercise their imaginations or project their own fears and obsessions onto the art object.”

I respect Pfeiffer for his point of view, he highlights the huge role that sports play in mass media and culture. It used to just be celebrities and the tv buisness controling the media culture but now professional sports are being intertwined. In Pfiffers work he shows many aspects from fandom to the celebrities, I have never been into sports but I do like his pieces.

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My role in class project

In our class project, I ried to make sure that every aspect of the project was taken care of. During our class “brainstorming” session, things got a little crazy so I took initiative and organized our ideas on the board. I made different colunms for each aspect that needed to be decided. This was very effective in allowing the group to focus on one aspect of a time and then vote on where, when and what we wanted to project. I then helped create committees and had everyone choose an aspect to be responsible for. I attended the meeting at the library to coordinate with the librarians and problem solve about the potential location.

On the day of the project, I helped during set up and problem solved to choose what area of the tunnel to use. I also took photographs as the project was put on of the piece and of us working together to create it. Overall I think the project went well and I am excited to see the finished images.

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