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Muybridge animation

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Jordan Tate


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Bill Viola


Bill Viola is leading the crusade into videography as a form of art. He works on a variety of projects ranging from videotapes, architectural video installations, sound environments, electronic music performances, flat panel video pieces, and television broadcasts. Viola’s pieces are designed to be all encompassing experiences that feel like reality. Music was often incorporated and was an inspiration for many of his pieces. He has been featured in numerous galleries around the world.

I am unsure about how I feel about Viola’s work. He seems to be dealing with themes of death, birth and the human condition. I have trouble associating with these themes along with performance instillation art. He is a risk taker and is not afraid to make unique art that no one else seems to be making.


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Dear Mr. Baij,

I was very intrigued by your work, especially some of your newer work from 2011. In the piece (link above) Summer Diary, you seem to be documenting a summer by the color change in your hair, but I was curiuos if there was some specific meaningful event during that summer that inspired this piece?


Kagan McSpadden

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new 7 narrative

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new 5 narrative

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new single narrative

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Photo Narratives



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Contact sheets

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Alec Soth

lastdays fashionmagcoverThe Flecks 2005

Alec Soth creates books of images. On the cover is often the title, inside are photographs that appear to be from his experiences and trips. The covers are simplistic which contrasts to the more chaiotic photographs of the places. The images tell a story. Often this story is of modern America. Some of his books include,  Last Days of W and “exhausted by George W. Bush’s presidency”.

Soth’s work creates an interesting comentary on life in America. I am honestly not sure how I feel about the work. I like the photographs individually but im not sure how I like them together. There isnt a clear connection for me because I have not experinced the same things as the artisit.

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