Stephen Vitiello- Extra Credit 

Stephen Vitello was originally a punk guitarist he was influenced by video artist Nam June Paik!  In 1999 Vitello was a resident artist of the World Trade Center. He recorded sounds from the 91st floor using home-built contact microphones for his pieces. In his iconic piece A Bell For Every Minute he recorded famous bells from the New York Stock Exchange, the UN peace bell and others. “During park hours an individual bell will ring each minute from speakers placed throughout the tunnel space where it will be installed, the overtones fading out as the next bell begins. A chorus of the selected bells will play at the top of each hour, filling the space. The sounds will be represented on a physical sound map that identifies the location of each bell, allowing the listener to follow the geographic journey of the recordings” ( Now he is a  Kinetic Imaging associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia. Vitello’s sound recordings often capture natural environmental phenomenon. In his instillations he often uses space as an integral parameter.

I really enjoy Vitello’s work. His recordings are soothing and sound natural. It is pretty funny that he was inspired by Nam June Paik, our previous artist and that he is a professor in my hometown of Richmond. I also think it is very interesting that the world trade center was a location of his work, which provides historical reference. He also documents his instilations and locations on his website. (

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