John Blatter

John Blatter works with video, sound, imagery and instillations in the nontraditional sence. He experiments with the ideas of image overload, “There has become such media sensory overload, that I have begun to wonder if this virtual world has desensitized us for what is actually real.” His more recent works (links above) include an instillation of speakers all playing different narrated stories of emotional experiences. His billboards are fake advertisements alsong with his infomercials. His work is extremely innovative and nontradtional. His instillation billboards are over highways and in high places.  He is currently working as both Associate Professor in the Time Studio at Virginia Commonwealth University, and as Production Assistant in Performing Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

I enjoyed looking at Blatters work. He plays with the ideas of consumerism and the way we see ads. He also works in a vast varity of mediums. There is also another John Blatter who works in commercial realestate which is sort of confusing!

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