Pipolotti Rist

pipilotti ristpippilotti rist pants

Pipolotti Rist works with sentual imagery that looks dream like. The swiss artist often uses undergarments in her work saying in an interview that, “this part of the body is very sacred, the site of our entrance into the world, the centre of sexual pleasure and the location of the exits of the body’s garbage.” Rist tries to be provocative as well as use color. “Rist’s work is visceral, earthy, sexy, full of life.” At first glance her work looks fun and playful but she also incorporates danger, anxiety and underlying imagery.

I enjoyed Rist’s work. She contrasts the body with its traditional role in art. Her work toes the line between whimsy and seriousness due to her underlying message. I think this is a great acomplishment that not many artists are able o do in their work. Im sure Claire will like her work as well. Rist has presented her work internationally and recieved numerous awards.

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