Final Project Proposal

For my final project I was inspired by my Visual Rhetoric class. We are working on our final presentations, a ten minute analysis of a commercial including its importance. The commercial I chose to work on it called “halftime in America.” It was played during the super bowl, and discusses the auto bailouts and the underdog comeback of Detroit’s auto industry. The audience for this commercial is so large that the directors decided to include some silhouette imagery in order to make people feel that they are there as well. It is much easier to relate to a silhouetted figure because the hair color, eye color and clothing are for the most part not visible. You only see the outline of the person and the similarities you have with that ideas of unknown.

I want to capitalize on the idea of identifying with silhouettes because of their similarities to you. I plan to do a few small pieces incorporating silhouettes and other imagery to describe the person, object or senario. I plan to displa all of these pieces together is a set.

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