Paul Pfeiffer


Paul Pfeiffer uses photography as well as found video imagery in his pieces. Pfeiffer grew up in the Philipenes and is often featured in his work. “Pfeiffer makes a show of removing his subjectivity while investing himself intensely in his work: It can take him four months to produce a scant two minutes of video.” Pfeiffer uses computer technologies to “dissect the role that mass media plays in shaping consciousness.” Most of his work centers around professional sporting events. Hes hifts his focus from fans to celebrity obsessions. He covers all aspects of the mass media culture. Many of Pfeiffer’s pieces “invite viewers to exercise their imaginations or project their own fears and obsessions onto the art object.”

I respect Pfeiffer for his point of view, he highlights the huge role that sports play in mass media and culture. It used to just be celebrities and the tv buisness controling the media culture but now professional sports are being intertwined. In Pfiffers work he shows many aspects from fandom to the celebrities, I have never been into sports but I do like his pieces.

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