My role in class project

In our class project, I ried to make sure that every aspect of the project was taken care of. During our class “brainstorming” session, things got a little crazy so I took initiative and organized our ideas on the board. I made different colunms for each aspect that needed to be decided. This was very effective in allowing the group to focus on one aspect of a time and then vote on where, when and what we wanted to project. I then helped create committees and had everyone choose an aspect to be responsible for. I attended the meeting at the library to coordinate with the librarians and problem solve about the potential location.

On the day of the project, I helped during set up and problem solved to choose what area of the tunnel to use. I also took photographs as the project was put on of the piece and of us working together to create it. Overall I think the project went well and I am excited to see the finished images.

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